At Lightning Couriers, it’s more than just picking up and delivering, it’s about providing services that meet specific needs. With more than 20 years of experience and a dedicated staff of veterans, we consistently exceed your delivery requirements in a timely, dependable manner.

Our experience allows us to handle your requirements regardless of your business type:
Real Estate- Printing- Financial/Banking- Marketing Communications- Legal -Construction- Accounting- Retail- Manufacturing- Architectural- Automotive- Food Service- Insurance and many, many more!

Lightning Couriers can provide you with a host of miscellaneous services: 
Document Courier Services: Banks, Law Firms, Advertising Agencies, Architects, Government, etc. Medical Courier: X-Rays, Medical Records, Lab Specimens, Non-Hazardous Materials
Other: Parts (weight restrictions may apply), Airport Pick-ups, Plant Deliveries, Business Supply
Orders, Sensitive Handling, Personal Items, Mail Runs, Packages and More

Customized, Personal and Special Services:
• AM & PM Mail Runs
• Auto Parts Delivery
• Bank Deposits and Payroll Delivery
• Banking Needs
• Birthday Cakes Picked Up from the Bakery
• Box Service to Storage 
• Business and residential deliveries
• Clothing Pickup and Delivery
• Computer Parts Delivery
• Courthouse Filings
• Entertainment
• Feed Store Deliveries
• Flower deliveries for all occasions
• Graduation gift/food basket/balloons/
  flowers to your child/friend/spouse
• Gift Deliveries
• Ground and air transportation
• Inter-Company deliveries
• Kinkos and UPS store runs

• Legal and Attorney services
• Mail Pick-Ups and Deliveries
• Medical Supplies Delivery including Pharmaceuticals, 
• Delivery of Home Health Supplies (walkers, 
  wheelchairs, etc)
• Passport Service
• Payroll deliveries
• Pharmacy pickup and deliveries (fully bonded 
  & certified)
• Pick up Blueprints
• Pick Up Office Supplies and Toner Cartridges
• Pick Up Travel Tickets
• Post Office Runs
• Restaurant/take-out meal deliveries
• Retrieval of Briefcases, Lost Keys, Cell Phones,
• Route Work
• Take Photos to be Developed

Servicing Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Quebec and Ontario.
We offer discounts for volume deliveries. Call for schedules outside our same day delivery area.
Please call us to set up your account today.